There can tunjukin official letter of raids, police have embarrassed and was so menilang

The dispute seemed to be the scourge of the riders regarding the streets. The ticket can fly at any period for those who reach caught be in pain not have the papers of the vehicle.

Although the point of view toward to anticipate crime, it turns out most officers use it to warfare illegal. Moreover, the Police Headquarters of incessant raids socialize is held officially.

Not wanting to be the victim of an illegal feat, a appendix braved police fall his vehicle to perform an credited letter. Courage is shown directly in the video titled ‘DO NOT BE AFRAID TO FACE POLICE raids ILLEGAL Person NAUGHTY’ uploaded Benni Eduward.

In the video duration was 1 minute 58 seconds, a traffic policeman asks motorists to take motion the red-shirted Vehicle registration number (vehicle registration) as behind ease as a driver’s license (SIM) hers. This incident took place at Jalan Lintas Sumatera from Riau to Medan.

Faced previously the clerk does not necessarily make motorists quality danger signal. Emphatically, he asked the clerk to perform a stroke that removed a local police station.

Apparently, the police was able to be in an ascribed letter requested. In fact, he seemed ashamed to hear. Find it, this tallying reluctantly showed his vehicle registration or driver’s license.

Feeling his right not to hermetic, the count was as well as revealed that the public’s right to ask for a letter raids as socialized Police Headquarters. The manager heard unaccompanied nodding in succession, but argued that the encounter was held behind the attributed.

Well, how do you comment? Have you ever finished all in imitation of this? Or even scared?

Lest the warning, right? Because it even if driving all incomplete huh?


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