Benefits Of Dragon Fruit Red For Baby

Benefits for baby Red Dragon fruit are excellent for maintaining health as there area variety of macamkandungan which is great for the body. Some of the kandunagna good Red Dragon fruit is ferum, potassium, protein, fiber, sodium and calcium, as well as a rich variety of vitamin and mineral substances can help increase durability and benefit the metabolism in the body.


Some other content is good for eye health and strengthen the brain is beta-carotene. Other than beta-carotene, it can also prevent the entry of various diseases into the body. For serving, you can make the Red Dragon fruit Jelly. How do I make it? Just check out the following reviews as quoted from


Benefits Of Dragon Fruit Red For Baby


Prepare The Ingredients:
1 medium-size Red Dragon fruit
1 packet (15 g) powdered jelly without a sense of
750 ml water
100 grams granulated sugar (can be adjusted to taste the sweet fruit)
Pieces of kiwi to garnish.


How To Make A Dragon Fruit: Jely
First, the Red Dragon fruit meat blender until smooth, then set aside.
After that boiled sugar and jelly powder until well blended and boiling, turn off the heat.
Combine the dough with Red Dragon fruit juice, stirring until well blended.
Pour the batter into the mold of your Favorites.
Then after cold put in fridge.
You can immediately mengeuarkan the Red Dragon fruit Jelly from the mold and decorate it with chunks of kiwi.
Quite easy and simple is not it? So wait, good luck!

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